My time to shine
I surely keep records of the things I am proud of.
picture of My time to shine
Let's not forget others though
If you want to see works of others that I really enjoy and love, look no further.
picture of Let's not forget others though
Bachelor's degree
After 3 years of studying at university, I have successfully defended my thesis with mark A and gained the bachelor's degree.
picture of Bachelor's degree
Hacktoberfest 2021
3 years in a row & 4 more Pull Requests for Open Source community completed, new tree planted!
picture of Hacktoberfest 2021
Hacktoberfest 2020
This year, for a Hacktoberfest challenge, I have helped to plant a new tree.
picture of Hacktoberfest 2020
ITNetwork summer 2019 contest
My motivation to complete the Simple Guardian v2, which resulted into one of awarded applications!
picture of ITNetwork summer 2019 contest
Regional Round in middle school thesis 2019
My Simple Guardian won a first place in the regional round of midle school thesis.
picture of Regional Round in middle school thesis 2019
C1 Level in English
Now I am certified as being C1 level in English. I passed my FCE on A grade! Still, it's not C2, so I can do a little gramar mistate from time to time...
picture of C1 Level in English
OpenHouse Bughunting 2018
This year I've managed it! First place! My hands were shaking long after I saw the results, but it was definitely worth it!
picture of OpenHouse Bughunting 2018
Best Player In Laser Game 2018
I was awarded this neat circle thing for being the best player in the game of lasers. My legs are fast and my shots are accurate!
picture of Best Player In Laser Game 2018
The Catch 2017 podzim
Wow, many years I could only read about those security-related thingies and now I put it all in use!
picture of The Catch 2017 podzim
RedBot 2015 podzim
First place in high schools, second when counting also universites. My biggest achievment yet.
picture of RedBot 2015 podzim
OpenHouse Bughunting 2017
With skills gained from the last year and with only one point left to on the top of the leaderboard managed I to get the second place.
picture of OpenHouse Bughunting 2017
Chemiklání 2017
This year we won 15th place among the best young chemists in our country.
picture of Chemiklání 2017
OpenHouse Bughunting 2016
Find as many bugs in code as possible in a very little time. Your quick fingers may decide whole game in just a few seconds. 3rd place!
picture of OpenHouse Bughunting 2016
Interlos 2016
Teamwork led us to 10th place out of 55. Not bad for first try.
picture of Interlos 2016
Geekworks 2016
First attemp for a web game resulted into failure, although funny desktop game
picture of Geekworks 2016
Brloh 2014
This year we have the silver trophy!
picture of Brloh 2014
Brloh 2013
We all had to start somewhere, not exactly in IT
picture of Brloh 2013