Let's give credit to others!
In my daily live and projects, I rely on the work of others. Or, I may just enjoy the things they are doing.
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GitHub Student pack
A big thank you to the GitHub Student pack and everyone involved. You are saving me a lot of time and resources, so a am able to focus on what really matters.
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An amazing web developer with a great portfolio, love collaborating with him.
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JunkEmailFilter Backup
This old-looking, but awesome backup mail service acts as your backup mail server in case of an outage with an inbuilt spam filter.
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Korespondenčí seminář z informatiky
This interactive webinar helps young students to learn informatics in a playful way and to prepare them for their bachelor studies.
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Jelle's Marble Runs
Take a look at thrilling races with unexpected, quick changing and dramatic results. #TeamGreenDucks
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