My open-source projects
A list of my open-source projects. No matter how large or small, how new or obsolete. 100% made with passion.
picture of My open-source projects
Markdown TOC generator
A Python script that will generate a clickable table of content for your MarkDown document.
picture of Markdown TOC generator
Fast File Browser (ffb) is a lightning-fast file browser, that does not care about metadata. It just list files. Like ls command, but interactive.
picture of FastFileBrowser
A Bash script for managing incremental backups with possible maximal limit. Works with EXT4 (hardlinks) and BTRFS (snapshots) file systems.
picture of backup-prepare
A ClamAV wrapper with multithreading and resuming support
picture of clam-scanner
Port forwarder
A simple user-space application that can forward all incoming TCP or UPD packets to another IP:port pair
picture of Port forwarder
Python SQLite library
A Python library for thread-safe manipulation with SQLite database. Can also work as a memory-persistent dictionary.
picture of Python SQLite library
Simple Guardian
Mobile MicSwitch
Written in Node.js, a small application that allows turning your mic on/off on your device by using a local webpage with WebSockets
picture of Mobile MicSwitch
Game money
A web replacement for tabletop paper money, or credit cards in Monopoly. Written in Python's Flask and with communication using WebSockets.
picture of Game money
Space Ground Adventure
Written with pygame, this little game demonstrates how to build and use a powerful engine. Also, levels are designed by using spreadsheets!
picture of Space Ground Adventure
Articles about pygame
If you want start as an all-mighty and powerful game developer in Python and in Czech, you can check out these articles about pygame I made for the amazing and beloved internet site
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Penguin-related game
A game that you can play during a 5 hours long walk, related to the penguins and alchemy, in Czech.
picture of Penguin-related game
Super Quick PHP Database
Want to deploy a database with remote access in literary no time? Deploy under 1 minute!
picture of Super Quick PHP Database
HTML Book Generator
Generates an eye saving book from your document, touchscreen optimised. Perfect for your study materials.
picture of HTML Book Generator
Ntb Typer Helper
Don't you hate it when you accidentaly touch your mousepad while typing on your keyboard? This prevent will it from happening!
picture of Ntb Typer Helper
Activity Tracker
This app is perfect for anybody who wants to keep track how long did he spent last year with transportation, work or even sleep or food.
picture of Activity Tracker
Kaligram creator
Make a shape from your favorite poems, now easily in your browser and surprise all your friends with you creativity. Made as a homework into language lesson.
picture of Kaligram creator
Image to HTML convertor
Allows you to paste your images into stunning text-only HTML code! Developed for the image on the main page of this website, but you can used it anywhere you like.
picture of Image to HTML convertor
Dialog tree creator
This simple web page allows you to create powerful in-game dialogs easily. Minimalistic GUI and export into well-documented format.
picture of Dialog tree creator
By using tesseract-ocr, this script allows you to perform OCR scan in any application with only one POST request. (Also comes with a nice GUI and multilingual support)
picture of PHP OCR API
Wignome activities
Quick project to bring one of my favourite GNOME features into Windows - touch the upper left corner of your screen to see all your active windows.
picture of Wignome activities
Encrypted Firefox Portable
Allows you to encrypt your Firefox Portable profile so you don't have to worry about data stealers
picture of Encrypted Firefox Portable
Highway: High speed
My very first game! Hop into a car and own the highway with large scale of vehicles! Open source, of course.
picture of Highway: High speed
Simple guardian Legacy
A predecessor of my Simple Guardian project. Guards your server against brute force attacks. Very quicky. Very easily.
picture of Simple guardian Legacy
Want to obfuscate code or just have all boring Python plain text converted into emojis? Here's your way. Based on a Reddit idea.
picture of Emojicoder
Public Web API
My public web interface with many uses - generating RSA key pair, TTS, obfuscating and so on. Free to use for anyone!
picture of Public Web API
URL Shortener
A very basic and light URL shortener written in PHP, uses a JSON file as a database. Also example client written in Python
picture of URL Shortener
Tired of numbering your versions? Try using a list of dinosaur species instead. Visually not so fancy, but function at least.
picture of Versionaurus
Yes, this is me using HTML & CSS for the first time, all written by my own hands
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KeepLeft Android Remix
Classic street racing based game now for your Android device! Made with GameMaker 1.4
picture of KeepLeft Android Remix
Game Maker Utils
Some scripts that I found out handy many times.
picture of Game Maker Utils
Written in Python, looks for changes and notifies you about them. Useful for keeping track on changed files on server.
picture of pSync
Ever wanted to connect to your localhost only MySQL database with Java?
picture of MySQL<->PHP<->Java
Quickly ported MySQL2PHP2Java to Python, not bug-free. Have fun!
picture of MySQL<->PHP<->Python
GRUB Rescue
When Windows overrides yours MBR, who will you call?
picture of GRUB Rescue
Cinema Control Client
Develpoed for my RPi with projector attached, this is the client running on your smarthphone device. Created with GameMaker 1.4, download Cinema.apk
picture of Cinema Control Client
Cinema Control Server
Develpoed for my RPi with projector attached, this is the server running on your Raspberry Pi. Written in Java, download CS.jar
picture of Cinema Control Server
Volume Ransomware
Java UniPi control
Pure java API for the Raspberry Pi's extension UniPi
picture of Java UniPi control
Dynamic Hosts Editor
Do you travel a lot and you always want to point your local hostname to you home server's IP? Written in Java.
picture of Dynamic Hosts Editor
Game developed for one competion, demostrates the use of MySQL2PHP2Java. Is not so good, but still funny.
picture of LockPickerSimulator
LockPicker Simulator Game Maker Version
Same game, but optimized for web use. Even worse than the original.
picture of LockPicker Simulator Game Maker Version
My very first commit to the Second Life world. Not very complex (however still popular), but in the inside I am working on something much bigger.
picture of TARDIS pet
Python Turtle Hangman
Just a little side-project to demostrate the power of Turtle graphic!
picture of Python Turtle Hangman